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Dolby showcases newest broadcast solutions at NAB2006

Dolby Laboratories will unveil two new broadcast products at NAB in Las Vegas. The DP600 program optimizer is a system designed to automate loudness analysis and correction, while the Cat. No. 561 encoder module is designed to provide realtime encoding for Dolby Digital and Dolby digital Plus formats when integrated into third-party audio/video products.

Compatible with many common broadcast media file formats, the Dolby DP600 program optimizer expands upon the technology developed for the company’s LM100 broadcast loudness meter. The new DP600 promises to automatically normalize the loudness of file-based programming and commercials without impacting the original dynamic range. Programs can be normalized either by correcting metadata values or scaling the audio signal itself to a target loudness level. It also offers the flexibility of faster-than-real-time, file-based encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E content, as well as efficient transcoding between the formats.

The first Dolby Digital Plus encoder module designed for integration into AV products from third-party manufacturers, the Dolby Cat. No. 561 offers real-time, multistream, and multichannel encoding of both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus formats. This module will also allow for high-quality transcoding of Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital Plus bitstreams. Planned software updates will also include decoding of Dolby E format. The Cat. No. 561 offers broadcast equipment manufacturers the ability to provide a comprehensive integrated audio solution that saves on both equipment costs and rack space.

For more information, visit\events\NAB2006.

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