DNF Controls launches DMAT-EZ Sports Controller

DNF Controls has released the new DMAT-EZ, the latest addition to its DMAT line of sports controllers. The DMAT-EZ's VTR-like functionality lets tape operators quickly and easily mark IN and OUT points, save them in a cue point, create a highlight list of cue points, and then play them out seamlessly one after the other to create exciting visuals.

Designed for the chaotic and fast-paced environment of sports broadcasting, the DMAT-EZ sports controller lets users stay in control of slow-motion instant replays, and highlights playout with an easy-to-read display, intuitive control panel layout, and a T-Bar for smooth slow-motion control.

The DMAT-EZ works with most Odetics-protocol-controlled video servers that support simultaneous record and playback. The DMAT-EZ is available in two versions. DMAT-EZ-22 supports two record and two playback channels, and DMAT-EZ-44 supports four record and four playback channels.

For more information, see www.dnfcontrols.com.