Digigram EtherSound updates

New licensing and specification updates

Digigram's EtherSound

Digigram has new specifications and licensing information regarding its EtherSound product.

The company has released an extended EtherSound specification along with its first implementation to all EtherSound licensees, which enables bi-directional audio distribution over the same cable as well as higher sample rate conversions at 88.2kHz, 96kHz, or 192kHz.

The EtherSound licensees, which currently include NetCira by Fostex, Nexo, Bouyer, InnovaSON, and Auvitran, will autonomously determine their individual product plan to implement the new features into their products.

Also, Digigram has added an "Entry Level Agreement" and an "Authorized EtherSound Implementor" partner program to the EtherSound licensing agreement. This enables pro audio manufacturers to build EtherSound-compliant products with very limited development investment. Entry level licensees have the right to implement ready-to-use EtherSound modules provided by Digigram or Authorized Implementors. French company Auvitran has been appointed as the first Authorized Ethersound Implemento.

In a related move, Digigram has launched the ES220 and ES220-L Ethernet audio bridges. The two products enhance and replace the ES2out.

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