Corbis offers hosted DAM service

To put sophisticated digital asset management (DAM) within reach of a wider range of local TV stations, independent producers and others, Corbis now offers Media Management, a hosted digital asset management service powered by eMotion. The Corbis Media Management service is designed for brand-driven corporations, advertising agencies and other organizations that are looking to streamline their workflow while managing, distributing, deploying and archiving digital assets, including photography, video, audio, presentations, logos, PDFs, sales materials, and more.

Because the service is offered as a hosted solution, there is no software to install, no server to set up and configure and no IT support required. Benefits of the hosted service include:

· fast deployment;

· low internal overhead;

· automatic redundant back-ups;

· a high degree of security; and

· a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee.

The base platform keeps digital assets organized, secure, and accessible. Users can create reliable and accessible libraries of all a company's digital media assets and then share those libraries with anyone in the world by defining access privileges. Then, users can quickly and easily find assets in those libraries using Corbis' patented natural language search features.

Corbis also offers add-on modules to improve your workflow and help make the most of a company's media assets. These include:

· CreativePartner, which accelerates and simplifies the review and approval of
creative work in progress with a comprehensive suite of project-based
collaboration and media annotation tools;

· AdPartner, which stores high-quality branded templates, such as print ads that can be customized with local messages.

· LogoPartner, which enables the delivery of brand identity elements.

Corbis also offers additional plug-in services to help build presentations, watermark and track digital assets, and access digital libraries directly within page layout applications.

In developing the new DAM service, Corbis has joined with eMotion, a provider of hosted business applications for managing digital media assets and marketing content.

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