Christie introduces TVC-700 display wall processor

Christie has introduced its TVC-700, a video wall processor that is purpose-built for the rigors of 24/7 control room environments.

Using the PCIe bus architecture and state-of-the-art GPU technology, the TVC-700 provides ample graphics and processing power to support multiple inputs and outputs. With simultaneous support for hardware accelerated 3D applications and ultra-high resolution outputs, it can handle 3D content such as CAD/CAM modeling and data visualization.

Whether the source is analog or digital, direct connected or over the network, RGB or video, the TVC-700 can manage hundreds of sources simultaneously and display them in high resolution anywhere, at any size and in any number of windows across the video wall, with content that can be controlled either at the wall or over a networked remote client. It comes bunded with Christie MASTERSuite software, with WallManager and MediaManager programs to help make tiled video wall displays respond as a single, ultra-high-resolution Windows desktop.