Camera Corps to showcase RF Q-Ball at BVE 2013

Camera Corps will demonstrate the latest developments in its RF Q-Ball range of compact robotic pan/tilt/zoom heads at BVE 2013, Feb. 26-28, in London.

The company’s new RF Q-Ball is designed for use in situations where a normal cable or fiber link would be intrusive or impractical. Up to 96 cameras can be operated through a single data transmitter attached to a standard Camera Corps RCP remote control panel or joystick panel. The entire system is waterproofed for use in all weather.

Antennas can be coupled via extension cables if required. Existing Q-Ball, Q-Ball Pre-Set or HD MiniZoom camera heads can be integrated into the system without modification.

Q-Ball is an ultra-compact, remotely controlled camera with integral 10-times zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors.