BNN Media Group extends newsgathering reach with Quicklink Ka-band system

BNN Media Group, an independent newsgathering organization basedin the Highlands of Scotland, has added a new level of reliability and ease to field contribution with the addition of the Quicklink Ka network system along with Ka-band transmission.

BNN uses the Quicklink Mac Live and Mac Store & Forward encoding software to transmit streams to the regional television networks of its clients, which include STV (Scottish TV). STV has a Quicklink server installed in its broadcasting center to receive the BNN content from the field delivered via the Quicklink Video over Ka system.

The system provides BNN with transport of high-quality pictures and sound with virtually no dropouts and an IFB talkback system to allow stable communications with the studio. Quicklink Mac Live’s IFB Talkback system also eliminated the need for a mobile phone communications, which can be spotty in remote areas like the Highlands of Scotland. 

The Quicklink Ka-band system offers BNN operational benefits as well. Near pug-and-play setup makes the system easy for BNN crew to use in the field, and use of approved, preset, industry-standard broadcast profiles means the quality level is predetermined and known by the receiving station even before transmission begins.

According to BNN, not only does the Quicklink system offer a number of technical advantages, but also business benefits in meeting client need. “Using Quicklink Video over Ka software systems along with our new Ka-band satellite system gives us a full broadcast package at a budget,” said Bobby Nelson, director of photography, BNN Media Group.

The system has made the cost of offering live transmission to its clients more affordable, which has opened up an entirely new business opportunity for BNN.

“We can keep our prices down allowing us to compete with larger organizations in a market place where news budgets are being slashed left, right and center,” said Nelson.