Australia's Seven Network installs Signiant for content transfer with U.S. distributors

Signiant has been adopted by Australia's Seven Network to provide a unified platform for secure, high-speed exchanges of media files with affiliates, distributors and journalists.

Prior to adopting Signiant, Seven relied on satellite links, digital video networks and FTP, as well as physical shipments of videotapes, to exchange digital content internally and with the network's regional affiliates and U.S. distributors.

Now, Signiant provides a network-wide content exchange platform that has replaced all of the previous transfer methods, providing the scalability the Network requires as the business grows into the future.

Seven has deployed 23 Signiant agents to business partners and affiliates around the world. These agents enable Seven to perform secure business-to-business exchanges of digital content for tasks such as promo distribution, replication of long-form and short-form program content between the network's Melbourne broadcast center and Sydney disaster recovery site, receiving news stories from the field, and pushing program content to the secure Web portal for journalists.