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Audio University

Today’s audio solutions, and technologies and the terms that describe them are growing in complexity. Knowing the lingo can mean all the difference in effective communication. Now there’s an online audio glossary that can help.'s Audio Glossary A-I is a simple, no-frills version of an enhanced hyper glossary that has terms, images, expanded definitions, cross-referencing and additional explanatory sections.

The site offers a plethora of articles, links to audio-related Web resources, tips about audio production as well as a self-paced online audio production skills course. There is a manufacturers list, FAQs and an online bookstore for purchasing audio textbooks and special interest publications.

The site is designed as a one-stop site and portal for all things to do with audio production and education. The site is currently being revamped with a new look, new navigation, and new features including moving from a fee-based members only site to offering its content for free. All listings, articles, links and basic course resources will soon be available at no charge. The site is operated by Audio Training Consultants of Australia.

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