YES HD uses Zandar MultiViewer to produce live sports

YES Productions, based in New Orleans, has installed a compact Zandar Predator HD8 MultiViewer inside its new YES HD mobile production truck. The virtual monitor wall includes Zandar’s DualQuad mode configured to display eight fixed images and resolutions on the same screen. YES Productions’ client list includes Fox Studios and Cox Sports, a cable network serving the southeastern United States.

In a system designed and integrated by Beck Associates, the 53ft expando HD trailer and mobile truck provides SD and HD production services for a mix of sports, concerts and special events.

At the heart of YES HD is the Zandar Predator HD8 unit driving a 37in display device centered in front of a production switcher area. It is integrated with an EVS software system that brings in graphics from a range of SD and HD sources. The truck includes a Grass Valley Kalypso HD production system and a separate router. The Predator HD8 unit also supports a TSL 100 tally and UMD system and Image Video software.

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