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WTVS Install Omneon SPECTRUM Server

(January 7, 2004) Sunnyvale, CA--Omneon Video Networks has announced that WTVS Detroit Public Television (DPTV) has installed the Omneon SPECTRUM media server as the first step in the station's conversion of master control to digital. The Omneon SPECTRUM is currently being used to record PBS national satellite feeds for on-air playout, and for post-production editing with Final Cut Pro. DPTV also plans to employ the server in the studio for use in program production.
The Omneon SPECTRUM media server system installed at DPTV includes support for both DVB/ASI and standard SDI MPEG channels, along with 2TB of storage. DPTV also acquired Omneon's RecordTool and PlayTool software, which allows the facility to schedule recording of the PBS national satellite feeds as well as scheduling events for playout to air.
"We selected the Omneon system because it best met our requirements in terms of cost, flexibility, and the ability to customize it to fit our particular needs," said Detroit Public Television vice president of engineering and technology Helge Blucher. "Because of funding restrictions, our transition to digital will be a gradual process, but with Omneon as the starting point in that transition, we are already able to record and play to air on our analog and digital channels, while also using the system in our post-production process with Final Cut Pro. The ability to use the system for our studio productions is an added bonus. We're actually getting much more use from this system than we thought a server would be able to provide."