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WTVS Detroit Public Television Deploys Terayon Digital Video Broadcast Platform

WTVS Detroit Public Television (DPTV) has become the first public television station to deploy the Terayon BP 5100 as part of its commitment to HDTV broadcasts.

DPTV is initially deploying the BP 5100 to switch between local and national HD feeds; insert high-quality, real-time graphic overlays into HD programming; and reduce bit rates to accommodate both DPTV’s new HD channel and the legacy standard definition television feed – all without decoding and re-encoding the underlying content. The BP 5100’s streamlined approach reduces equipment and operational costs and preserves picture quality as decoding and re-encoding steps are eliminated.

“As a station that relies primarily on voluntary contributions, we needed to find a solution that would maintain the native video quality and Dolby digital sound of our HD programming without the need for costly equipment and complex systems integration,” said Helge Blucher, Vice President, Engineering and Technology for Detroit Public Television. “The Terayon BP 5100 was the only solution that could elegantly meet our needs without decoding digital feeds to baseband for processing, and then re-encoding them.”