Wohler Names Key Code Media a U.S. Distributor for Tachyon Wormhole

SAN FRANCISCO—Wohler Technologies today announced that Key Code Media has become a distributor for the Tachyon Wormhole file-based media retiming solution, which is built on the processing framework of Wohler's RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform. Key Code Media will offer the retiming appliance to postproduction facilities across the country.

Wohler says Tachyon Wormhole enables up to a plus or minus 10 percent run time adjustment while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed-caption integrity. With the flexibility to alter run time, broadcasters can realize new revenue opportunities without materially altering the viewer's experience of the media assets. The turnkey Tachyon Wormhole system can process up to two video assets simultaneously while synchronously handling up to 64 channels of audio and caption data, including CEA-608 and -708 and SMPTE 436M and 360M captions. Users simply select a target run time by choosing a specific length or by entering a percentage adjustment.

In addition to enabling media retiming, Tachyon Wormhole also offers features and functionality including standards conversion, deinterlacing, superlative resolution conversion, inverse telecine, broken cadence removal/correction, and additional options such as audio loudness correction, color legalization, and Dolby encoding.