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Whittingham joins Miranda’s board of directors

Miranda Technologies has announced that Pat Whittingham has joined its board of directors. Whittingham recently retired as president of the Sony Broadcast and Production Systems Division after a 28-year career with Sony in Canada and the United States.

Whittingham is one of several former Sony senior broadcast executives who chose to accept an early retirement package last year as part of a cost-cutting effort by the manufacturer. Larry Thorpe, another major Sony executive who left at the same time as Whittingham, has since joined Canon.

Whittingham participated in the development of interactive television and digital content distribution products, and in the launch of digital television. In Canada, he was selected by the country’s Heritage Minister to represent both consumer and professional product manufacturers on the Task Force on Implementing Digital Television in Canada.

He also serves on the boards of Azcar, Panavision, Digital High Definition (DHD), Canadian Digital Television and the Smart Toronto Board.

Whittingham returned home to Toronto from the United States this spring following the conclusion of his tenure at Sony.

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