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WGAL-TV takes first step toward digital broadcasting with Sigma Electronics’ digital MRX video and audio routing system

WGAL-TV in Pennsylvania has installed an MRX 32x32 digital video and audio routing system from Sigma Electronics.

Sigma Electronics recently had its MRX 32x32 digital video and audio routing system installed at the NBC affiliate station WGAL-TV in Pennsylvania. Pictured operating Sigma Electronics’ SYX 4-level master control panel and MRX routing system is Gil Geer, WGAL studio supervisor.

The MRX digital video and audio routing system allows engineers to build five layers of 32-square switching in just six rack units of space. The MRX offers an easily serviceable modular construction, is highly reliable and addresses an extensive range of external control panels and software systems. This control flexibility allows the MRX to seamlessly integrate into existing systems including Sigma’s MRX analog routing system.

Bob Good of WGAL-TV said Sigma’s MRX analog routing system "makes for an interesting transition." With the system, Good said users could still use their present analog equipment and still move into the digital world.

According to Good, WGAL is still primarily an analog plant with “islands of digital equipment here and there.” The station, which also features Sigma’s SYX 4-level master control panel, was exploring different ways to manage digital signals using its existing analog gear when they learned of Sigma’s latest work in digital signal management.

A Sigma router enables Good to route digital inputs to digital equipment in the facility, but some conversion back to analog is necessary, because the facility's production and master control switchers are still analog.

WGAL plans to continue the transition to digital, but Good adds that the station does not yet have a set timetable for adding new digital equipment.

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