Westinghouse Digital cuts cord to HD monitors

Westinghouse Digital has put an end to unsightly wire clutter with its new array of wireless technologies, which were shown at CES 2008. HDTV users no long have to grapple with the mess and hassle of system wires.

The company showed a wireless LCD HDTV that can be mounted anywhere in a room without the need to run data cabling from the TV to a content source.

In addition, it showed a system where wires are eliminated for all aspects of a home theater system. It features a range of up to 65ft with zero data latency, whereby video and audio match up perfectly.

The company also exhibited a 10in wireless digital shelf talker, a new way to show text, photos or video in retail and home locations. Networkability lets users control multiple units from a PC or laptop.

For more information, visit www.westinghousedigital.com.