Wegener Nets $1.2 Million Digital Signage Order

Wegener Corp., the Deluth, Ga., satcaster, said it nailed a $1.2 million digital signage order for the financial services industry. The order came in during the company’s second fiscal quarter of 2008, with shipments are scheduled for delivery during the third quarter ending May 30.

This order represents the launch of the Wegener iPump 562 enterprise media server. The iPump 562 supports MPEG-4/H.264, file-based workflows and DVB-S2 satellite demodulation individually or in combination. The platform allows regional distribution to digital signage, something increasing being adopted by broadcasters seeking a second revenue stream. Broadcasting for digital signage requires a minimal bits and equipment costs, according to this report from Television Broadcast contributor James Careless.

The digital signage order also gave Wegener the juice necessary to achieve profitability in the second quarter. The company posted it’s first net profit, of $336,000 on $6.7 million in sales, compared to a net loss of $183,000 on $4.8 million in sales during the same quarter a year previous.