Wazee Digital Finds Spot in College Football Playoff

DENVER—If you wonder where broadcasters get all of the footage that will be used during this year’s College Football Playoffs from, this year the answer will be from Wazee Digital’s Media Hub. The cloud-native video management and licensing servicers company announced that the CFP is replacing its File Transfer Protocol with the Digital Media Hub to provide a centralized, branded portal to access, preview and download approved CFP content.

Digital Media Hub is a central access point from which users can acquire, enhance and distribute media, as well as capture live moments and make them immediately available for highlights, publishing and syndication. In addition to providing near-real-time footage during the upcoming CFP games, CFP will also features its brand guidelines; logos for the CFP brand, national championship game and playoff semifinal games; and Media Day and press conference clips from the 2015-2017 national championship games.

On Media Day, Jan. 6, Wazee Digital will integrate workflows with CFP teams on-site to receive press conference clips and content, which will be made available for search and download within minutes of delivery, according to Wazee Digital. Digital Media Hub will allow media outlets, on or off site, to access content from Media Day to incorporate into their coverage.

The CFP and Wazee Digital have a previous relationship, as the two re-upped a licensing partnership back in October.

The 2018 College Football Playoffs will take place on Jan. 1 with games between Alabama and Clemson, and Georgia and Oklahoma. The 2018 National Championship game will be played on Jan. 8.