Volicon Introduces Remote Program Manager for MSO and Cable Operators

Volicon, a leading provider of video monitoring, recording, archiving, and streaming solutions, will introduce RPM (Remote Program Manager) at Cable-Tec Expo (Booth #415). The Volicon RPM has been developed to help MSO and Cable operators monitor the quality of their broadcasts in central and remote unmanned headend facilities.

The RPM, based on technology employed in Volicon's award-winning Observer broadcast monitoring system, monitors and records 500 or more video channels for audio and video signal integrity and notifies the operator, by email or SMS alerts, if the signal does not conform to prespecified limits. Monitoring includes detection of low audio levels, frozen video, and missing video.

In addition to alert, the RPM records the content in question for later review by the operator. The RPM includes the capability to stream a questionable TV channel over Internet allowing an operator to view the video/audio on a standard MS Windows-based PC. RPM benefits include:

o Instant alert (Today it can be hours before the operator is aware of a problem, often only after a customer calls to complain).

o Remotely identify and evaluate severity and cause of failure, often obviating the need to send a technician to a remote site.

o Ability to record, log, and stream a problematic channel 24/7 for closer scrutiny.

Product shipment is 30 days after receipt of order.

For more information on Volicon and their solutions, please visit www.volicon.com.