Volicon and Nexidia Unveil Automated Closed-Captioning Quality Compliance

ATLANTA —Volicon and Nexidia announced the release of a joint platform for automated compliance monitoring of closed-caption quality and descriptive video. The technology targets the FCC closed-caption regulations that go into effect March 16. It automatically captures content, extracts closed captions, determines if the caption file matches the media and is properly aligned, identifies any missing or incorrect caption segments anywhere in the file, and verifies the presence of descriptive video services .

The FCC rules define new quality standards for captioning that include accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement. These rules apply to broadcast and online video content. Broadcast affiliates and cable channels with the top market shares now also are required to begin providing and tracking at least 50 unique hours of video description content per quarter.

The compliance platform combines the Volicon Observer monitoring and logging technology with Nexidia Comply, which uses patented audio analysis technology. It continually captures content, along with critical metadata, so that users can check back in time and view recorded content to determine if closed-captioning was correct. Using data from the as-run log, the technology performs electronic monitoring of closed-captioning and alerts operators to possible defects or absences of captioning data in specific programs. The visual log and captured metadata provide both visual and electronic confirmation of compliance (or noncompliance), so the user can create an unambiguous visual and aural affidavit of caption placement and timing. This capability supports internal troubleshooting, work with the closed-captioning vendor to prevent future issues, and responsiveness to any regulatory concerns.

The technology is available now as a fully integrated turnkey system, or it may be enabled as an upgrade to deployed Observer systems.