V-Nova Acquires Faroudja Enterprises Video Processing Patents

Acquisition looks to improve V-Nova’s Perseus technology

LONDON—V-Nova has made its first acquisition, announcing the purchase of video imaging manufacturer Faroudja Enterprises full global patent portfolio for an undisclosed sum. V-Nova will look to boost its Perseus compression technology with the addition of Faroudja patents.

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Among the patents that were acquired as part of the portfolio are Faroudja’s pre-processor and post-processor. There are also techniques for video enhancement like multidimensional video processing and the use of a support layer in parallel with the conventional compressions path. The Faroudja scheme complements compressions standards like MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC and Perseus.

V-Nova will not require modifications to its standard codec with the addition of Faroudja’s IP patent portfolio. This will allow the company to fully utilize the patents with Perseus.