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Vizrt packs live 3D graphics and animation capability into single PC

At the upcoming NAB show (Booth SL5408) Vizrt will unveil a compact version of its Viz Trio real-time 3D graphics and animation system, called One-Box, which will be the standard configuration for all future Viz Trio systems.

Viz Trio previously required two standard desktop PCs — one for the Trio client and one for its companion renderer Viz Engine. With Viz Trio One-Box ,Viz Trio and Viz Engine run on a single PC with two internal graphics cards. There is no negative impact on graphics quality or rendering speed. With Trio One-Box, both the VGA preview and final program signals can be viewed on one PC.

The Viz Trio software allows artists and operators to deliver extremely creative and visually complex graphical presentations that enhance live sports, news and specials. The space savings provided by the new One-Box solution are particularly important to mobile production trucks and small production studios. It also saves equipment costs by leveraging a single PC.

Among the graphics frequently created using Viz Trio are score boxes, player statistics, game clocks, maps and charts. Trio customers often use another companion product, Viz Artist, for sophisticated 3D graphics, animation and template design.