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Vizrt develops workflow solution for Web site graphics

At NAB (booth SL5508) Vizrt is demonstrating a new integration between its Multi Platform Suite and Escenic’s Content Studio software, which provides an interface to Vizrt’s digital video and graphic asset management product line to deploy a streamlined production workflow for the Web.

The combined products allow journalists and other online content producers to easily include interactive graphics into their Web sites without manually creating them from scratch. The new workflow also allows a user to customize graphics associated with an article through two new server features, Graphics on Demand (GOD) and Images on Demand (IOD).

GOD and IOD generate graphics and images, simplifying workflow by allowing the journalist writing the article to access a desired template through Vizrt’s newsroom component. By browsing through the graphic database, a journalist can add a map or other image, immediately see a live preview, and publish it with the article. The images can be generated as a static image or as an interactive file.

IOD can take any form, be rendered at any resolution and automatically sized to the appropriate method of distribution. The journalist creates the article within Escenic Content Studio. If graphics are needed, a Vizrt template is accessed so that content, text information and live information can be published with the article. Several versions of the article can appear on the front page. Images can be created at high resolutions for print or smaller versions for Web publishing. The program also generates the artwork in different variants as needed and handles page sizing automatically.

In addition, Viz MPS Graphics On Demand feature can also be used to generate live standalone graphics online. This can be used to generate live stocks or sports statistics, updating information live as new data is received. The Viz MPS server generates corresponding graphics on-demand.