Vitec Acquires RF Central and Nucomm

The Vitec Group has acquired microwave systems companies Nucomm and RF Central. The two will fit into Vitec’s Broadcast Systems division as the newly formed business unit dubbed Vitec Group RF Systems. The acquisition of RF Central does not include its rental subsidiary Total RF.

“We are very excited about joining the Vitec Group,” said RF Central CEO Jeff Winemiller. “As the youngest of the United States suppliers of ENG broadcast equipment, we have, in just three years, proven ourselves innovative and responsive to the market. Our success is founded in understanding our customers’ needs, and providing outstanding quality products and services to meet them. As a member of the Vitec Group of companies, RF Central will be able to leverage Vitec’s substantial worldwide presence, experience and other strengths to build an even stronger company, dedicated to serving our customers at the highest level.”

Winemiller will continue on at the head of RF Central, and Nucomm founder and president Dr. John B. Payne will remain at the helm there as well. Microwave systems repair and maintenance company Microwave Services Corporation is expected to join the team as well in the near future.

“We are delighted that Nucomm, RFC and MSC will be joining the Vitec Group,” said Gareth Rhys Williams, group chief executive for Vitec Group. “When Jeff Winemiller approached us and explained his vision of what this combination of businesses could deliver, it made immediate sense. Together we can offer our broadcast customers an even wider range of the best RF products and services, which we believe will be particularly valuable to them as they address the challenges of the BAS relocation project and beyond. Vitec companies are established businesses in the broadcast world, and have an enviable reputation for product innovation and reliability, a commitment that is shared by our new colleagues. I look forward to working with them all.”

Vitec Group RF Systems has come about at an ideal time to supply products and installation services to broadcasters replacing their analog equipment.