Vista Installs Front Porch Digital Migration, CSM System

LOUISVILLE, COLO. —Vista Worldlink has installed a complete Front Porch Digital CSM and migration suite that includes an advanced DIVArchive CSM system, a DIVAdirector media asset manager, a SAMMAsolo migration appliance and access to the LynxSM cloud-based disaster recovery and media asset storage service. Vista now includes online archival service and management in its portfolio of services.

“Our service supports all of a customer’s locations without the expense of multiple location-specific capital investments,” said Vista President Roy Liemer. “With secure access to Vista, users have instant online access to their content from anywhere in the world.”

Using Front Porch Digital’s CSM solution, Vista’s service enables digitization and archiving of each individual asset in a single pass. The SAMMA process moves the unprotected content from videotape to digital files, creating preservation and intermediate (edit) masters, as well as proxy and XML metadata files. SAMMAsolo delivers the files to DIVArchive for management and protection and delivers proxies and content metadata to DIVAdirector for online access. “A lot of what we do is time-sensitive, so it's important to do it as quickly as possible,” Liemer said. “Whereas before it would have taken multiple passes to process a given piece of content, now we can process content more efficiently — whether it’s a live event or recorded material — because the system performs multiple processes simultaneously and automatically, which saves us both time and manpower and meets our clients’ needs for urgency.”

The DIVAdirector MAM offers a browser-based search interface for keyword searching of archives. Search results are viewable using the archive proxies, allowing authorized users to see the video before ordering restoration. Clients order the content for restoration via DIVAdirector, which triggers DIVArchive to deliver the restored content to FTP sites or to specific areas within Vista for copying to physical media.

With LYNX, Vista offers clients additional protection via a hosted, off-site content protection service. Content that has been migrated by SAMMAsolo and managed by DIVArchive can be automatically replicated to LYNX, or Vista can ship data tapes to the LYNX site. Vista can also use LYNX and DIVAdirector as the access and distribution point for client content.

The CSM system has the flexibility to integrate with Vista's existing MAM system, and it provides a customizable, intuitive interface with processes and actions that are familiar to clients. The technology is backward-compatible and flexible.