ViewCast features Osprey-700 HD capture card

ViewCast featured its Osprey-700 HD video capture card during IC2007.

The Osprey-700 HD is an HD/SD-SDI A/V input card designed for broadcasters and content owners needing to repurpose HD and SD content for IP video distribution and video-on-demand applications.

The Osprey-700 HD captures standard HD and SD video resolutions for 1080p, 1080i and 720p and scales as needed for streaming applications. It is intended for ingesting HD/SD video, archiving and transcoding. The card was designed expressly for real-time capture in a 24/7-unattended environment.

New features include the ability to auto-adapt to incoming SD and HD standards without interrupting the encode session, InstantVOD for delivering any video input with the same format output, automatic logo sizing and positioning when switching between SD/HD modes and source stream ID display on loss-of-video.

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