Verbit Acquires Vitac Captioning Provider

(Image credit: Vitac)

NEW YORK—Verbit, an AI-powered transcription platform, has announced its acquisition of Vitac, a provider of captioning products and solutions.

Vitac had worked in the captioning space for 35 years, serving customers like broadcast companies, cable networks, program producers, corporations, educational institutions and more. 

With the acquisition, Verbit says that its enhanced transcription and captioning platform will feature industry experts, AI-based tools, establishing integrations with video cloud platforms and be able to translate transcriptions into any language.

“We are thrilled to further strengthen our position as the market leader in the transcription and captioning industries in partnership with VITAC. This opportunity allows us to expand our offerings for the media vertical and provide advanced transcription capabilities to our current education, legal and corporate customers,” said Tom Livne, CEO and founder of Verbit. “The combined company will harness decades of transcription and captioning experience to offer customers a best-in-class solution based on our proven technology. We will continue to invest in our platforms, top talent, and domain expertise to evolve and develop our solutions to meet our customers’ dynamic needs.”

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