Vegas Creative Software Enhances Vegas Pro 20

Vegas Creative Software
(Image credit: Vegas Creative Software)

MADISON, Wisc.—Vegas Creative Software has announced a free update to its Vegas Pro 20 product line.

Updates include stability improvements and a number of new features addressing color grading workflow, efficiencies and collaboration as well as the ability to zoom into the Video Preview window for a close-in look up to 2,000x magnification, Vegas Creative Software said.

New color correction tools and features include the Hue vs. Color Saturation Curve that enables users to define a hue or a hue range and adjust the saturation value of anything from the entire video to a specific hue in a video, it said.

The new Color Picker for Color Curves feature allows users to sample a value or range of values in a video to which curve adjustments will be applied.

There is a comment field for File Drop that makes it possible to add messages, such as instructions or explanations, for collaborators invited to their File Drop session. Whatever is entered into the field appears in an email the collaborator receives when invited to the File Drop, the company said.

New AI-generated thumbnails for File Drop files intelligently and automatically select a frame of video uploaded via File Drop to represent the content of the video, which bypasses the problem of automatically using the first frame of video, which is an issue when files fade from black.

The new 2,000x magnification feature of the Video Preview window is particularly useful for homing in on details of an object while working with the Bezier Masking tools or when there’s a need to see the fine details of a color adjustment, it said.

Once zoomed in, users can scroll the zoomed view to see different areas without first zooming back out.

Other new features include:

  • Speech-to-text functionality
  • Enhanced collaboration features
  • Color correction workflow enhancements
  • Enhanced audio workflow support
  • Visual effects
  • Workflow efficiency features.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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