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VCC, Discovery Agree to Two-Year Deal on Remote Production Needs

Video Call Center
Discovery's "Find Love Live" program utilized VCC technology (Image credit: Video Call Center)

PALISADES, N.Y.—The Video Call Center will continue to provide its remote production technology to Discovery Inc., as the two sides have announced a two-year extension to their master agreement. As per the deal, VCC will serve as Discovery’s global, remote video production partner.

Starting in 2017, Discovery began using VCC’s Caller Cloud Service for its “90 Day Fiance Tell All” series to help with remote connections and capture high-quality programming. Since this initial use, Discovery’s use of VCC has expanded to other programs, including those for TLC, HGTV, Food Network and the new discovery+ streaming service.

VCC provides Discovery, as well as its production teams at Sharp Entertainment, Eastern, Lando Entertainment, Big Fish Entertainment, Wilma TV/Discovery Studios, with a suite of services and proprietary systems that help enable remote work with a global cast and have participation from audience members. 

In addition to the Caller Cloud Service, VCC provides Discovery with its HAT customizable, on-demand, automated control room service; and CC-SOLO, an on-demand host platform to establish and record IP video calls.

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