Utah Scientific Acquires European Routing Switcher Company

Utah Scientific, a Salt Lake City-based provider of routing and master control products for the broadcast industry, has acquired Sandar, a well-known European routing switcher company.

By combining the two companies, Utah expects to increase its market two ways: geographically, by expanding its presence in the European and Asian markets, where Sandar is well known; as well as extending its product line to include smaller routing switchers, Sandar’s specialty. The new company—which will be run independently from Utah Scientific—will be known as Utah Sandar.

"Historically, both Sandar and Utah Scientific are known for the knowledge, competence, experience, and single-minded focus that they bring to the manufacturing of routing switchers," said Carmelo Catalano, chairman of the board of Utah Scientific. "Beyond the synergy of their markets and product lines, the reputations the two companies enjoy make them a natural fit."

While Sandar primarily makes small routers, from 3x3 to 32x32 in size, Utah's product line is focused on larger routers up to 1152x1152 in size. As a result, Utah says the combined product line of the two companies will enable customers to take advantage of one-stop shopping. Sandar has recently developed a new family of affordable, compact routers that are fully compatible with the routing systems manufactured by Utah—using the same control systems.

"What I'm most excited about are the benefits that this merger of great companies will bring to our customers," said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. "Both Utah Scientific and Utah Sandar take pride in service and responsiveness, and the combination will enable us to offer readily available, regionally based (North European) product support and training to broadcasters all over the world."

Headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, Utah Sandar will continue to sell and service the well-established Sandar family of routing switchers, as well as the full line of Utah products. The managing director of Utah Sandar is Roar Ostby.