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U.S. Cellular goes mobile with MobiTV

U.S. Cellular and MobiTV are joining forces to launch U.S. Cellular Mobile TV, a new service designed for Android smart phone devices. The app will feature an array of content, including live streaming television, VoD content as well as the ability to view shows when offline. ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central and the Disney Channel will be just some of the partners who will be supplying content for this new service, as well as specific package offerings such as the Spanish-language Univision and a kids channel featuring shows from PBS Kids and Nickelodeon.

U.S. Cellular Mobile TV will run $9.99 per month for the service and includes a free one-week trial. Anyone will be able to download the app and take it for a test spin before committing to a monthly fee. There are add-ons for those who want more specific packages, including a Spanish package of channels and a sports pack. This launch supports two Android phones for now, the HTC Desire and Samsung Mesmerize. Plans are brewing to expand to different handsets and different models down the line.