Ultimatte 10 makes international debut at IBC

Ultimatte has released the Ultimatte 10, a product that the manufacturer says sets the standard for the highest performance in a real-time blue and green screen compositing. The Ultimatte 10 has harnessed AdvantEdge algorithms, an evolutionary technique for blue screen traveling matte extraction, into a completely new real-time matte logic engine.

Ultimatte’s real-time keying technology enables users to create completely seamless composites, which preserve fine details such as hair, smoke, mist, motion blur and shadows while automatically suppressing spill in the foreground subject. The level of realism achieved gives broadcasters full creative freedom and flexibility.

Features for the Ultimatte 10 includes the ability to automatically calculate optimum matte settings upon backing color selection, an eight input router, full RGB foreground and background color controls with ambiance, flare suppression controls, and internal foreground and matte processing 4:4:4:4.

The device conforms to CCIR 601 video standards, has 10-bit or 8-bit SDI inputs and outputs, and is 525/625 line mode auto-selectable. The new Ultimatte 10 compositing system is available for immediate shipment.

For more information, visit: www.ultimatte.com.

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