TVStudy v2.2.2 Enables LPTV Station Evaluation

Differences Between 2.2.2 and 2.2.1

-Changed the interference-check wizard build logic to support pre-transition and transitional studies.
-Added a new option and parameter to the interference-check wizard that controls interferencecheck behavior for protection of LPTV stations when studying a Class A record.
-Changed the data type of the latitude and longitude seconds fields in the LMS baseline table to floating-point so fractional seconds will be supported on new LMS imports.
-Made changes to AM station search in interference-check study.
-The terrain profile resolution in interference-check study output is now reported in kilometer spacing rather than points per kilometer.
-Added a new parameter to set HAAT radial count separately for LPTV.
-Overhauled the automatic XML import logic. -User records can now be deleted.
-Improved station data import code.
-Added a feature to automatically download LMS, CDBS, or CDBS FM station data and import directly from ZIP file. -Added a cancel button to the station data download or import message dialog.
-Included a new command-line utility for database management.
-Corrected an issue in azimuth pattern lookup.
-Corrected an issue in the interference-check baseline search logic, that caused it to include Canadian and Mexican baseline records when the included foreign stations box was not checked.
-Fixed a problem in the record editor when creating a new DTS record.
-Fixed header misalignment and numerical precision issues in parameters.csv output.
-Fixed a bug where an uncaught exception would occur when clicking the run button on an empty study (no scenarios).
-Fixed custom rendering in tables that color-code text so the text stays readable in a selected row regardless of highlight color.
-KML map output of coverage points now sorts the points into folders according to the analysis result code, allowing related points to be manipulated more easily in mapping software.
-Added a "Defaults" button in the image color map editor to restore default colors.
-Added a properties file "lib/config.props", allowing various configuration settings to be changed without a software update.

WASHINGTON—The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology has announced the release of TVStudy v2.2.2 software. The new version comes on the heels of v2.2.1, which was released two weeks ago, and according to the commission’s official release “addresses the previously announced matter of evaluating LPTV stations.”

Additional reasons for the update, per the FCC, include newly designed features for easier use and access to latest LMS tables containing technical information about Canadian and Mexican stations and domestic coverage baselines in connection with the previously released data sets related to the post-incentive auction transition.

The FCC recommends that stations use this most recent version of TVStudy prospectively and in conjunction with the preparation of construction permit applications in connection with the post-auction transition.

The TVStudy v2.2.2 installation package, TVStudy Installation and Upgrade Guide and post-auction template XML file are available at The differences of v2.2.2 to v2.2.1 are also listed in the sidebar.