tvScientific Rolls Out CTV Advertising Platform

tvScientific CTV
(Image credit: tvScientific)

PASADENA, Calif.—tvScientific is dipping its toes into the world of Connected TV advertising, announcing the launch of its own CTV buying, measurement and attribution platform. The goal of the platform is to eliminate barriers of entry around TV advertising, making it accessible and measurable for all businesses, tvScientific said.

The tvScientific CTV platform offers a self-serve solution with direct access to more than 90% of premium CTV publishers. It also features advanced audience targeting, with the ability to target more than 15,000 unique customer segments; measurement and attribution solutions, like deterministic ID technology; and optimization with direct attribution, which enables advertisers to make real-time decisions on campaign performance and media plan optimization.

The CTV platform connects to platforms, CTV OEMs and tech infrastructure providers including SpotX, Magnite, OpenX and Samsung, and runs on CTV devices from Samsung, Vizio, Roku and more.

“Until now, Connected TV advertising has been complex, inefficient and not measurable in the way that digital is, preventing most businesses from advertising on the most influential screen in the house,” said Jason Fairchild, co-founder and CEO of tvScientific. “Our new platform allows businesses to buy and measure Connected TV media on one simple platform, and evaluate it the way they do with search and social.”

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