TV Technology Europe Announces IBC 2014 Best of Show Award Winners

AMSTERDAMTV Technology Europe has announced the winners of its IBC 2014 Best of Show Awards:

Arris Group—Arris ME-7000 converged video compression platform
The ME-7000 is a high-performance converged compression platform for multiscreen delivery of IPTV, cable and satellite applications. It offers multi-codec—MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC—multiformat support with SD/HD/4K encoding and transcoding. The ME-7000 is fully modular and flexible for scalability and upgradeability.

Aspera—Aspera On Demand autoscale platform
Aspera On Demand enables seamless, line-speed transfers of very large files across the cloud-based object storage of Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and OpenStack.Auto-scaling automatically scales and expands transfer capacity of Aspera server software in the cloud to adapt to unpredictable spikes in activity.

Blackmagic Design—ATEM 2 M/E production studio 4K
ATEM, pictured right, switches between SD, HD or 4K video and can handle a range of cameras, disk recorders and slide shows or animation from computers. Features include chroma key, creative transitions, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, multiview, etc. More advanced models include up to 20 SDI inputs, a SuperSource multilayer engine, full-motion DVE, stinger transitions, larger media pool with full-motion clips and up to six auxiliary outputs.

Cobalt Digital—9970-QS 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS quint-split multi-image display processor
The 9970-QS is a single processor capable of auto-detecting and displaying up to five independent 3G/HD/SD/composite inputs. Multiple cards can be cascaded to provide expanded PiP muxing. An Ethernet-based GUI control enables intuitive set-up of video windows and advanced on-screen graphics, and a simultaneous display output over SDI and HDMI supports flexible system design and easy integration.

Crystal Vision—LKEY SQZ squeeze-back keyer

The Crystal Vision LKEY-SQZ is a unique product. It offers the highest quality picture squeeze and picture-in-picture effects combined with three-layer keying, all in a low-cost modular product. LKEY-SQZ was originally developed for a major broadcaster who required the highest quality picture squeeze and could find no alternative product already on the market.

Decimator Design—DMON-6S low-cost 1-to-6 channel multiviewer
The DMON-6S, pictured right, allows viewing of up to six video streams on one screen on both pre-set and customizable layouts while the MD-HX allows you to up-, down- and cross-convert SDI and HDMI signals.

Enco Systems—HotShot2 audio playout and clip management package
HotShot, an instant audio playback package, is a complete hardware appliance with a full-screen interface, pictured left. HotShot is quick to learn, easy to use and flexible enough for any broadcast application.

Evertz —EXE 46 Tbps Video Service Routing Platform

Evertz' EXE is a video/data service routing platform that features up to 46Tb/s of switching capacity and supports 2304 10GE ports per single chassis. The EXE is at the core of Evertz’ 10GE SDVN - Software Defined Video Networking solution.

Hamlet Video—Enterpise Tablet handheld IP- and ASI-based services analyzer
The Hamlet Enterprise Tablet series of portable stream analyzers, one of which is pictured right, have been engineered to provide real-time analysis of streaming IP- and ASI-based services encoded as MPEG-2, H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10) and many other compression formats. The tablet presents an intuitive graphical user touch interface allowing for dynamic configuration with user-definable presets developed on a portable and handheld architecture

MultiDyne—Upgraded SilverBack family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions
The SilverBack family now includes four models: The flagship SilverBack-II; the SilverBack II-L for multicamera production; the SilverBack-II 4K-L, a feature-rich model that includes Ethernet support and a video option for viewfinder or monitor viewing in the field, enabling camera operators to turn any 4K camera into an ultra HD multicamera production; and the SilverBack II-4K, a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option, designed to support traditional film-style productions. Ultra HD support can be added to any existing SilverBACK system through an upgrade. Pictured right.

Thomson Video Networks—ViBE XT1000 Xtream transcoder
The ViBE XT1000 Xtream transcoder, left, is a new high-density video transcoder for live content. The XT1000 supports up to 54 HD channels or 180 SD channels with transcoding from any format to any format including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC, making it applicable for linear broadcasts on cable, IPTV, DTH, and DTTV services, as well as multiscreen delivery.

TVUPack TM8200 powered by Vislink hybrid technology
TVUPack with Vislink’s integrated hybrid microwave IP technology, illustrated right, simultaneously aggregates microwave bandwidth with multiple cellular data connections. The system supports up to six 3G/4G/LTE connections as well as 2 or 7 GHz microwave. The solution is the first to offer Vislink microwave transmission functionality in a backpack, sending video signals up to four times farther than COFDM/DVB-T.

Wohler Technologies—modular iON monitoring platform
Uniting Wohler's signal management and confidence monitoring technology on a single software platform, iON gives users the ability to access, control, and manage a broad range of signals and associated data remotely from any Web-enabled PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet device, with video and audio content streamed in real time.

Imagine Communications —Magellan SDN Orchestrator
The Magellan SDN Orchestrator is a software control system for managing hybrid baseband and IP facilities. An anchor component of Imagine Communications’ Software-Defined Networking portfolio, the Magellan SDN Orchestrator enables seamless integration of baseband and IP networks.

* Also a winner of TV Technology’sNAB Best of Show Award.