TV One markets dual-channel processors

TV One has developed a new series of dual-channel processors, the C2-8000 Series, which includes universal inputs and three internal scaling engines. Leveraging the company’s CORIO technology, these new signal-processing units provide bidirectional conversion of up to 12 inputs of digital and/or analog video. They also offer seamless switching, dual picture-in-picture windowing, chroma and luma keying, logo insertion, tri/bilevel sync genlock input and scalable background features.

The C2-8000 Series features a range of DVI-U input modules that accept DVI, RGB, composite video, S-video, YUV and YPbPr component video. In addition, 3G-SDI input and output modules that also support HD-SDI and SD-SDI can also be factory-fitted if required.

The switcher mode permits seamless cut, cross-fade, push or wipe transitions between input sources, while the dual picture-in-picture function allows for two windows of any size and position to appear together on a single output image. The independent mode of the unit allows for two channels of simultaneous video conversion. All modes can accommodate background sources, which can be scaled using the third internal processing engine, exclusive to the C2-8000 Series.

An included key feature allows an image to be keyed over another and faded in and out. Also, due to the 4:4:4 processing format, precise keying at pixel level can be achieved. The genlock reference input is SD and HD compatible and ensures precise synchronization of the incoming signals by providing a wide subcarrier lock range with subcarrier phase adjust. The units also provide integral audio switching to route audio from the (HDMI-compatible) DVI-U or SDI input to the DVI-U and SDI outputs. An optional audio module can provide AES I/O abilities as well as audio delay and can link to TV One’s range of A2-7300 audio breakout units.