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TV One introduces multi-input HD video and audio processor

TV One’s new C2-7310 multiformat, dual-channel HD video and audio processor follows the C2-7200, adding full HD-SDI multichannel audio processing. The new C2-7310 supports virtually every bidirectional analog-to-HDTV conversion imaginable, all within a compact 1RU enclosure.

The audio processing capability of the C2-7310 allows the user to mix, route and delay any of the 16 HD-SDI (from the 2 HD-SDI inputs) or 16 AES3-id stereo audio channels, process them (including broadcast quality sample-rate conversion), and output them as AES3-id stereo audio or embedded into the HD-SDI output.

Because of its dual-channel architecture, the C2-7310 can do this twice, with each output having eight stereo audio channels assigned to it. AES3-id inputs and outputs are via two HD44 connectors at the rear, which can be linked to various A2-7300 units to provide analog audio on XLR or terminal blocks.

The C2-7310 adds all this audio processing power to the video processing capability found in the previous C2-7000 series products. Beyond its versatility in converting between analog and HD-SDI, the C2-7310 additionally houses the power of many other components ranging from a HD video scaler and multiformat seamless switcher to a dual picture-in-picture device, edgeblending device, chroma/luma keyer, aspect ratio converter, logo inserter and more.

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