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Trail Blazers Tap Chyron for Arena Graphics

The Rose Garden, home to the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, has installed a Chyron HyperX² graphics system and XClyps multiformat production clip server.

The systems are being used to provide HD graphics for the Blazers' new 1080i big screen display during games. The Chyron systems are linked to the NBA DTVI interface for player stats, and they can display messages, sponsorship logos, replays and fan-motivational videos.

"The addition of these systems allows us to add an HD workflow to our existing standard definition productions," stated Mike Janes, director of engineering for Blazers Broadcasting. "We already use Chyron Lyric software in mobile trucks on the road for both SD and HD shows, having our own system in house has allowed us to preproduce and test graphics in HD and SD."

The systems were installed by Diversified Systems Inc.