TQS Implements Orad Virtual Set Solution

(January 12, 2004) Montreal, Canada--TQS, the second largest private French network in Canada, has recently added Orad's CyberSet NT Virtual Studio as a primary production tool. The network, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, has been producing more than seven hours of live-to-air shows daily.
TQS, working closely with LOR-TECH as its system integrator, made a decision several months ago to adapt Orad’s CyberSet NT Virtual Studio system as the most suitable solution.
CyberSet is capable of seamlessly integrating live presenters with 3D computer generated photo-realistic environments and sets. It enables a single, small studio facility to acquire a variety of different looks, each suitable for a particular type of programming or show. TQS is now able to diversify the settings in its various live shows, including live-to-air news, sports, entertainment, and specials. In order to cover the widest range of shows and possible camera movements, Orad supplied TQS with Xync, its infrared tracking technology, which allows dolly, hand-held, shoulder, mounted and jib camera operation.
Currently, TQS is using the system for two of its six live daily shows. It is planning to increase the number of "CyberSet" shows to five a day by next fall.