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T-Minus 1: Let the Resurrection Be

MELBOURNE,FLA.: While the FCC is bracing for some fired up citizenry in the wake of tomorrow’s DTV transition, a majority of Americans are honky-dory with the switch according to a recent survey conduced by Harris. Of 1,046 people called on June 5, Harris said 69 percent “feel the nationwide DTV transition will be good for them and their families. This is despite some earlier reports of consumer confusion caused by equipment requirements, converter-box coupon issues, and a delay in the implementation until June 12, 2009.”

More than half of respondents--55 percent--said they are somewhat or very likely to switch to antennas to receive free, over-the-air high-definition TV signals, versus subscribing to cable or satellite subscriptions. The survey also showed that consumers under 24 years old were most positive about the DTV transition, and also the most likely to consider switching to free over-the-air TV from subscription cable or satellite reception. This particular age group also is most likely to supplement over-the-air reception with broadband-distributed video. The survey was conducted for Harris by Greenfield Online and has a margin of error of 10 percent.

Harris noted that 4.4 million TV antennas were sold in the United States last year, up 48 percent from 2007 based on figures from the Consumer Electronics Association. Online retailer Antennas Direct had a jump in 1Q sales of 224 percent. Conversely, the growth of cable and satellite subscriptions slowed to less than 1 percent during 4Q08, according to Sanford Bernstein & Co.