Tivit Debuts Smartphone Mobile DTV Receiver

A broadcast TV receiver the size of a cell phone broke through the device din today. The Tivit, from Korean manufacturer Valups Corp., is a tiny receiver with an extendible antenna that decodes over-the-air DTV signals for display on software-enabled smartphones and mobile PCs. It transmits the signals in MPEG-4 to the display via WiFi and supports conditional access. The device works with iPhones, the third-generation iPod Touch, WiFi-enabled Blackberrys and Motorola Android phones.

The endgadget staff tested the Tivit with an iPod Touch.

“...and while the 20 second channel change times were a little frustrating--they claim they'll be able to get it down to eight, and that it’s Apple’s fault--everything else worked flawlessly.”

The Tivit will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show’s Tech Zone. U.S. availability is expected in the spring for around $120. A video of the device in use is available at engadget.com.