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Tightrope Media to show Zeplay at NAB Show

At the 2010 NAB Show, Tightrope Media Systems will show Zeplay, its four-channel HD replay system for sports and ISO recording.

Zeplay is available in a variety of models, including SD with two channels of record and two channels of output, up to a version with HD four-channel record and four-channel playback capabilities.

The device can be configured to constantly records four 100Mb/s HD-SDI streams while simultaneously playing out any or all of the streams. Zeplay uses I-frame recording, which helps facilitate its smooth, frame-blended, slow-motion capability.

It was designed so a single operator can effectively manage all four angles and all eight streams. Zeplay also features a high-end jog/shuttle controller, a built in multiviewer for all eight streams and GPI interfaces for integration into production systems.

Zeplay’s built in multiviewer and 4RU chassis saves space by not necessitating eight monitors for live view and play-head positions, which can all be done on a single monitor.