Thomson Video Networks Debuts 'Behind Every Screen' Broadcast and Multi-Screen System

RENNES, France — Thomson Video Networks today announced the launch of Behind Every Screen, a unified video delivery approach that combines on-premises and cloud-based resources to support broadcast and multi-screen services. Behind Every Screen brings together ingest, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging technologies to provide a video infrastructure with every capability broadcasters need for profitable multi-platform video delivery.

Central to Behind Every Screen is the MediaFlex Suite, Thomson Video Networks’ unified service operation and management software suite. The MediaFlex Suite provides a software layer to facilitate overall service configuration, scheduling and monitoring. This enables a simplified operation in which branding and compression resources can be allocated based on priorities for deployment speed, video quality requirements, bandwidth optimization and content customization. Ultimately, the MediaFlex Suite will provide a unified view of the entire operation to streamline tasks such as migrating services between compression resources, deploying new services rapidly in a data center or extending file transcoding capabilities with external cloud resources.

Powered by the MediaFlex Suite and Thomson Video Networks compression solutions, Behind Every Screen meets several video delivery requirements for a modern broadcast operation. The approach delivers encoding capabilities along with dense transcoding for turnaround services through a combination of video-optimized hardware appliances, software-based encoders running on lower-cost and generic physical servers, virtualized servers and a cloud infrastructure. As a result, network operators benefit from the advantages of virtualization and cloud computing without having to abandon quality of service, SLAs, video quality and any of their other critical operational standards.