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Thomson launches ViBE EM line of MPEG-4 SD, HD encoders

Thomson has launched a new range of HD and SD MPEG-4 AVC encoders in its ViBE family.

The new ViBE EM encoders take full advantage of the MPEG-4 toolkit. Over-the-air, cable, satellite, and IPTV program distributors recognize the business value of MPEG-4 encoding and the efficiencies that it provides over MPEG-2. Existing MPEG-2 operators and new distributors are all looking at MPEG-4 as the best way to serve their customer base with the most channels.

There are three new models in the range. The ViBE EM3000 is the premium HD encoder, which delivers high-quality HD in bit rates as low as 4 Mb/s. Also built into the EM3000 is a Dolby encoder and transcoder, which support both Dolby Digital and the new Dolby Digital Plus formats.

The ViBE EM2000 provides MPEG-4 AVC encoding of SD signals. The ViBE EM1000 is a multichannel SD encoder, designed specifically for IPTV

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