Teranex, Sensio support 3-D TV broadcasts over existing infrastructures

Orlando, FL-based Teranex Systems, a provider of video-processing technology and platforms, has added frame-compatible stereoscopic compression technology from Sensio Technologies to its 3-D encoding and decoding products to enable delivery of high-quality 3-D programming over existing broadcasting infrastructure.

Mike Poirier, general manager of Teranex, said that adding Sensio 3-D technology to the Teranex VC100 3-D encoding and decoding applications ensures the highest fidelity to the original 3-D image all the way down the distribution line. Teranex’s VC100 dual-channel architecture is uniquely suited to 3-D, and combining Teranex’s technology with Sensio’s quincunx (checkerboard) compressed stereoscopic technology enables customers to broadcast premium-quality 3-D content over an existing 1.485Gb/s infrastructure.

Sensio develops and markets stereoscopic 3-D digital compression, decompression and display-formatting technologies that are deployed by content creators, games developers, broadcasters, specialty channels and digital cinemas. Its flagship technology, SENSIO 3D, allows the high-quality distribution of 3-D content through conventional 2-D broadcast networks (cable, satellite and IP) and playback on any 3-D display device.