Teradek Core Gets Security Thumbs-Up From MPA Trusted Partner Network

(Image credit: MPA)

IRVINE, Calif.—The Teradek Core cloud video platform has received a successful assessment from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) Trusted Partner Network, recognition that the cloud service meets the network’s content security and encryption standards, the company said.

The assessment recognizes Teradek Core as a trusted platform that meets the highest security standards and is capable of protecting pre-released motion picture content. If breached, pirating of pre-release content could cause severe economic damage to the entire production effort, the company said. 

The cloud platform’s security features include end-to-end encryption across sharing and streaming protocols, individual viewer access control lists for securing content on a per user basis, content watermarking across Teradek applications and video hosting in secure Amazon Web Services (AWS), it said.

“Teradek has been building secure video transmission systems for over a decade, so we are keenly aware of the grave damage a security breach could inflict on a production,” said Colin McDonald, cine product manager for the company. “We built Core from the ground up with security at the forefront, and this assessment is the measure of that commitment to protecting our clients’ content.”

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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