Televisa Used For-A Frame Rate Converters in London

FORT LEE, N.J.–Mexico City-based television network Televisa used video and audio systems manufactured by For-A to bring coverage of the Summer Games to its audience.

According to For-A, Televisa used FRC-8000 frame rate converters to transmit footage to viewers in the United States and Mexico. It used the International Broadcast Center’s on-site media complex and broadcaster hub to capture events. Ten FRC-8000 HD/SD multi-format frame rate converters were used to convert footage from the European PAL standard to the U.S. and Mexico NTSC standard.

Televisa acquired For-A’s FRC-8000 products for its London coverage from Mexico-based manufacturer Excelencia en Comunicaciones y Tecnologia. For-A said Televisa has used a variety of For-A production switchers, video processors and frame rate converters in the past. It has relied on For-A’s FA-9500 3G/HD/SD Multi Purpose Signal Processor, and is using FRC-8000 frame rate converters in two of its facilities.