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Televisa adds broadcast process management from Tedial

Televisa is implementing broadcast business process management using the Ficus BPM system from Tedial. The Spanish broadcaster already operates the Tedial MPM media asset management and Tarsys archival systems.

With Ficus, broadcasters can customize the way information and content flows through the enterprise based on its commercial requirements. At Televisa, Ficus BPM is being used to manage and automate the way that commercials are booked, placed, transferred and transmitted, as well as controlling the production or acquisition of programs. It allows the broadcaster to establish rules by which all processes are fully automated, ensuring that every commercial booking is handled with equal skill and accuracy and every program is tracked from commission to final transmission.

The system includes a simple graphical editor that allows users to rapidly create new workflows around business needs, with the underlying system ensuring that all required technical steps are implemented.