Telestream supports BitCentral news delivery for broadcasters

Telestream's FlipFactory product now has support for BitCentral's MediaPipe News delivery service. Product testing between the two companies has already been done to ensure compatibility between MPEG files delivered by BitCentral and Telestream's FlipFactory workflow automation products. The combined solution provides broadcasters with a fully automated all-digital newsflow - from receipt of BitCentral-delivered news content to reformatting and delivery to newsroom systems.

In September, Telestream unveiled FlipFactory News and FlipFactory NewsManager for automated ingest of digitally-delivered news content from multiple sources. Telestream is now building on the ingest capabilities for these products by adding BitCentral support along side other news delivery services, Telestream ClipMail delivery appliances, edit systems and other media systems. These FlipFactory products monitor news delivery servers for the arrival of new content and then automatically ingest media and metadata, and deliver them to the designated video server, edit system or newsroom system.

BitCentral delivers high-quality MPEG files to broadcast stations in North America. However, certain downstream systems may use non-compatible proprietary file formats. Until now, broadcasters have had to play these files out as baseband video and then re-record them onto tape, a video server or an edit system. This is a manual process that requires an operator, creates quality degradation and can consume valuable router ports. Combining Telestream's FlipFactory with BitCentral's MediaPipe eliminates the need for manual processing and degrading baseband video conversions.

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