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Telenor Satellite Broadcasting chooses T-VIPS for HD transport of soccer

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting has selected T-VIPS to transport English F.A. Premier League soccer in HD from London to Sweden.

Telenor is distributing the soccer games for Canal+ using T-VIPS TVG430 video gateways to enable HD distribution of the action to Canal+ subscribers in Scandinavia.

The games arrive at a TVG430 in London as an HD-SDI 1.5Gb video stream. The TVG430 converts the stream to JPEG2000 and transports the video over a GigE link to another TVG430 at Canal+ in Stockholm, which converts the JPEG2000 video stream back to HD-SDI for use in the Canal+ HD production center.

The TVG430 transports HD-SDI over IP networks using JPEG2000 compression for bit rate reduction from 1.485Mb/s to bit rates between 50Mb/s and 200Mb/s. JPEG2000 eliminates blocking defects and encodes each frame individually.

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